I created my first Website in 2003 and found creativity long lost with my days of knitting sweaters. Never thought of myself having artistic skills, but now I truly believe there is an artist in all of us; just need to find the right medium. I love designing webpages, brings me great pleasure and a huge sense of accomplishment.

I am French Canadian, born and raised in Québec, Calgary has been my home since 1985. Fluent in French and English, your website can be in either language or both.

As a high performance master track athlete, I trained with Speed and Power coach Rich Hesketh, from 2004 to 2012. I am also a member of the ExxonMobil Tigers Team since 2000.

In 2004, Calgary hosted the Canadian Masters Track and Field Championships, as a member of the Organizing Committee, I designed the accommodation webpages and provided the French translation for the site. I also provided French translation to the Organizing Committee for the 2010 World Indoor Masters Track and Field Championship, which were held in Kamloops, March 1 to 6, and the NCCWMA Championships held in St. John August 9-12, 2013

I have a son, Simon-Daniel, he is a massage therapist (RMT). Check out his Website.

Mission & Vision

Websites should be simple and user friendly. Visitors and customers should find what they are looking for immediately.

Rates for designing new site are negotiable and depending on the size of your project. You may only need maintenance of an existing site. Whatever your project; I will deliver quickly and within your budget.
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